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Über René Staud

René Staud sees the light of day in 1951 in Stuttgart. Already at an early age he is fascinated by this specific light which eventually leads him to photography. During his school days he already learns the necessary know-how by working through various photo courses and winning his first awards and prizes at an age of 12. The decisive moment comes at the age of 14: René Staud allows himself his first self-earned reflex camera. By selling souvenir-, and portrait-pictures he eventually affords his first very own black and white photo lab. After his school-leaving qualification he completed an apprenticeship in a portrait-, and photo shop and keeps on working as a photo assistant and freelance photographer during his military service. The subsequently way into self-employment happens more or less by accident: Since a permanent job as a photographer is out of sight, he spends his time with wedding- and documentary photos. With a growing popularity he discoveres himself the field of product-, and advertising shots. Soon, he learns about the need of professional studio shootings an adapts to this development. In 1975 René Staud opens his first studio in Stuttgart which shortly after is followed by the open-plan-studio in Wendlingen. His big breakthrough comes in 1985 with the development of the Magicflash®, a light system that is designed to fit exactly to the needs of studio photography. On the basis of this innovative wide-area lighting he makes a perfect entrance into the world of automotive photography. Pretty soon, his light concept convinces a large part of the specialist circles and the result are several offers from renowned manufacturers. The increasing demands and the expansion of the total workflow allow the opening of the next open-plan-studio in Leonberg. With an expertise of more than 40 years in the field of advertising photography, René Staud is busy in all fields of automotive photography. He offers a demanding photographic view, the most modern technology, as well as manual perfection and a very clear vision. There are a lot of famous car manufacturers amongst his customers whose perceptions are significantly characterized by his photos. Today, the STAUD STUDIOS are an innovative platform consisting of various different cooperating departments. An international and interdisciplinary team of 90 people – consisting of strategists, creatives, photographers, producers, CGI-, and Photoshop-artists, as well as digital- and VR-specialists is working in spaces in Leonberg/Stuttgart and Hamburg. The agency stays true to the automotive industry but also includes customers who focus on new ways of mobility. STAUD STUDIOS accompany these demanding brands from strategy to the final product.

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