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The Magic Flash

By René Staud

The Magic Flash
"It all started with shoeboxes and a flashlight".
One thing quickly became clear to René Staud: With the light available at the time, cars simply could not be properly photographed and staged. “More than a documentation was hardly possible. Emotional photography unthinkable”. – René Staud remembers a time when floodlights were a maximum of one square meter. It is clear to him: "In order to figure out all the details of a
work, you need large, even light”. That's why René Staud tinkered around in his home studio until his first flash tank was ready for use: The Magicflash® was born. With trays up to nine meters long and three meters wide, the impossible is suddenly possible: perfect illumination. "The differences in the photographs were so serious that I could hardly save myself from orders from one day to the next."

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