Copy of The Porsche 911 Book Paperback
Copy of The Porsche 911 Book Paperback

Copy of The Porsche 911 Book Paperback

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The legend is alive!
The international bestseller, indispensable for sports car enthusiasts with a total of over 30,000 copies sold, is now available in a revised and updated edition. René Staud gives lifeless bodies sex appeal in his photos! The presentation of the Porsche 901 at the 1963 IAA marks a milestone in automotive history. Since Peugeot had the patent for the 0 in the middle of the type designation, the name had to be changed at short notice. But even that didn't stop the triumph of the 911 on its way to becoming a sports car icon. The success story ranges from the original type, through the Carrera 2.7 RS, the fastest production car of its time with the characteristic rear spoiler, the so-called "ducktail" to the current generation 991.
"If two times two equals four, then driving pleasure times design equals exactly 911."
In no car have I experienced the evolution of driving in its most beautiful form more consistently than in the first 911s from the 1970s to the 991 of today. And many have accompanied me closely and closely, professionally and privately. When, 50 years later, I wanted to erect this monument to the 911, I initially thought I could manage with 25 icons since 1967, at least from a photographic point of view. In the end it's now over 100, but only because I didn't want to leave out any of the most important ones. If I could show everyone who deserved it, then over a million 911s would have been collected. Just as many would be worthy of being presented. Because every single 911 built to date is an icon. Today, tomorrow and forever.”

160 pages | Format 15 x 19 cm