About René Staud

René Staud saw the light of day in Stuttgart in 1951 of the world. And it is precisely this light that fascinates him at a young age and leads him to early photographer Even while he was still at school, he acquired the necessary know-how through numerous Photography courses and at the age of twelve he won his first prize in photography competitions- gen and prices. Then he was fourteen decisive moment: René Staud affords himself the first, self-earned mirror re excamera. A little later, he set up his first black-and-white photo lab by selling souvenir and portrait photos. After leaving school, René Staud completed an apprenticeship in a portrait and photo shop and also worked as a photo assistant and freelance photographer during his military service. The subsequent path to self-employment is more of a coincidence: one permanent employment as a photographer is not in sight and so he begins first with wedding and Reportage shots, to then with increasing Popularity to discover the field of product and advertising photography for yourself. He quickly recognized the need for professional studio productions and took up this development: in 1975, René Staud opened his first
Studio in Stuttgart and this will follow soon after
Large studio in Wendlingen. The great His breakthrough came in 1985 with the development of the Magic ash®, a lighting system that is specially tailored to the needs of studio photographers.
This innovative surface light technology is the entry into automotive photography. Fast the lighting concept convinces the specialist groups and helps him to get numerous orders from well-known manufacturers. The growing demand and the expansion of the overall work ow enable chen 1986 the opening of the large studio in Leonberg. With over 40 years of experience, René Staud outstanding expertise in all areas of automotive photography. Sophisticated photographic concepts and the most modern technology are essential here as well as technical perfection and a clear Vision asked. The clientele includes many Well-known car manufacturers whose international- nal perception of his pictures- have coined. Today STAUD STUDIOS are an innovative platform consisting of different, interacting departments. The international, interdisciplinary team of 70 people made up of strategists, creative people, photographers, directors, CGI and Photoshop artists, as well as digital and VR specialists work in Leonberg/ Stuttgart. The agency is loyal to the automotive sector remained, but meanwhile also counts manufacturers among its customers, who devote themselves to new forms of mobility. STAUD STUDIOS accompanies these demanding Brands from the strategy to the real product.